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    What is a langjam?

    A hackathon in which projects are PL/compiler themed. need to work on a better definition

    How do we want to accommodate beginners?

    • Week long series of workshops
      • Starter code provided
      • Self-guided
      • Mentors will help them understand the code
    • Pair people with mentors
      • We can have people from the org volunteer
    • Be up-front about the level of experience required to participate
      • Data structures and algorithms
      • Recommended classes
    • Give people a week to work on the project

    Should we have a topic?

    • Having a criteria will help participants scope their project
    • Check-list that outlines the minimum number of things we're looking for in a valid submission
    • Example theme:
      • Visual programming
      • Projects
        • Flow-chart drawing tool
        • Hardware description
        • Full stack development
        • Scripting UI

    Are we interested in having speakers?

    • Yes!
    • Need to provide incentives to people to come
      • Possibly food?
      • Networking session

    Do we want to open it to other colleges?

    • Will help with getting more participants
    • Other universities might have more developed PL clubs


    • Hard to book space for this semester since we aren't a CoC org
    • Might need to dfe
    • Venue
      • having a space can be nice
      • there is a more social aspect
    • Do we want to open it to colleges?
      • yes!

    When do we want to host this?

    • Will need time to market
    • Early November is too early; people don't know about the event yet
    • Decision: Push to next semester!

    Project Ideas

    • Thought:
      • Have a #suggestions channel or a form that people can fill out
    • Initial ideas
      • Compiled Esolang
        • Develop an esolang
        • Develop a custom object format
        • Develop a processor that can run our object format
          • Processor can very well be a simulator
      • Web version of CircuitSim and Complx
        • Make the tech more portable
        • Students don't have to use Docker for it
      • Implementing PL features
        • Rust borrow checker
        • Continuous Passing Style (CPS) and related abstractions
        • async/await runtime
        • Hindley-Milner type inference
        • FORTH interpreter

    Club Feedback

    • We should have a board
      • Will help make running the club smoother
    • Utilize roles in Discord
    • Make the schedule more visible
    • Have impromptu conversations on Discord
      • More informal discussions


    • [ ] Make a list of tasks for the event and have people sign up @elton
    • [ ] Start creating a list of speakers for the langjam @elton
    • [ ] Do role assignments @zachw
    • [ ] #suggestions channel @elton
    • [ ] Google form to guage project preferences; pick the top two @elton
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