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    dependently-typed is the programming languages (PL) club at Georgia Tech. It aims to bring together programming language and compiler enthusiasts.

    You do not need prior experience to join! Undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students are all welcome :)


    Programming languages are one of the first things people interface with when learning how to program computers. They raise the level of abstraction and enable us to make the most out of hardware. It is hard to imagine a world where binary is the sole abstraction we possess. We need tools that allow us to be expressive and productive while not compromising on efficiency. Programming languages and compilers let us do that.

    We believe it is important to understand what makes today's programming languages tick, and how can we improve them. The club exists to provide a platform for students interested in the subject matter to engage with fellow peers and have fun learning all there is about the subject.

    What do we do?

    As part of the club, we will:

    • Work on projects
      • These can be either personal side-projects or something we do together as a club
    • Host talks
    • Maintain a technical blog
    • Attend conferences
      • Ideally these will be funded
      • Not strictly academic
    • Present our work to the larger community

    First semester goals

    • Get into the rhythm of presenting talks and writing blog posts
    • Start at least one club project
    • Attend at least one conference

    Long-term goals

    • Get published in an academic conference (POPL, PLDI, ASPLOS)
    • Develop and maintain a mainstream programming language
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