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    Welcome to the dependently-typed wiki.


    The entire list of pages can be found in the sidebar. We do not have search functionality yet, but it is in the works.

    Editing the wiki

    The wiki is a static site built from a github repository. To make changes to it, submit a PR to dependently-typed/wiki.

    If you are a collaborator on the repo, you can directly commit your changes to main. This is, however, not recommended.

    Adding new pages

    Each page is a markdown file located in the src/ directory. Subpages are in located in sub-directories corresponding to the root page. The content for the root page itself is written in an file in the sub-directory.

    Here is an example in which we create a governance sub-page under the about root page:

    ├── about                   # sub-directory for the root page
    │   ├──            # root page (url: /about)
    │   ├──       # about sub-page (url: /about/governance)

    You can nest as many sub-pages as you want.

    We use Common Mark flavored markdown. You can read about it here.

    IMPORTANT Before you make a PR, be sure to update the table of contents (located at src/_includes/! It is not auto-generated.

    Advanced editing

    The wiki is implemented using the 11ty static site generator. This means that you can extend the wiki to do things like auto-generate RSS feeds, code-block execution and type-checking (this is useful when, for example, we want to typecheck Coq proofs), and much much more. Basically anything the web-platform supports.

    You are welcome to submit PRs with your extensions!

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